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How does a bread line from Glimek work?

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Glimek Straight Dough Line - Glimek bread lines for all kind of bakeries


We provide customized baking solutions and complete make up lines and industrial bread lines for professional baking business.

Bread divder and heavy duty bread moulders from Glimek to get the perfect baking result.

Perfect baking result with premium brand baking machinery

Glimek is the Swedish brand, estimated in 1948, who designs och manufactures dough distribution systems worldwide, handling all the prepping of the dough no matter how small bakery or medium size bakery or industrial bakery it is. Click here for product inspiration.

Welcome to Bakery Innovation Center

Welcome to learn more about Glimeks commercial dough handling equipment at the Bakery Innovation Center, BIC, in Texas.

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We offer reliable baking technology with precision control and flexibility regarding weights and types of dough and also user-friendly design that gives baking professionals creative freedom at the lowest cost of ownership. Believe in prepping - think Glimek!


The main focus at Glimek is set on prepping of dough quality and gentle dough handling during mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing, moulding and shaping. Therefore we provide robust baking and prepping equipment, made in Sweden, as bowl lifts, bulk hoppers, suction dough dividers, belt rounders, conical rounders, cup elevators, intermediate conveyor proofers, intermediate pocket proofers, moulders, moulding extensions and complete bread lines developed for all sizes of bakeries. Welcome to find out more on our product pages.

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If you are interested in knowing more about Glimek bakery machines, we advise you to contact Merle Cooper at Premiere Equipment. Premiere is the Glimek reseller in the US and has long experience of Glimek machines and industrial bakery bread lines.

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