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Bakery equipment to suit the needs of every baker

Who we are

We provide customized baking solutions, dough handling equipment systems and complete bread lines for professional baking businesses. We offer reliable technology with precision control and flexibility regarding weights and types of dough and also user-friendly design that gives baking professionals creative freedom at the lowest cost of ownership.

Our technology ensures that steps can be performed without compromises on quality and energy efficiency, having sustainability also in mind, and thereby helping the baker to create top quality baking results.

We are a reliable partner who helps with consultation and layouts all over the make up line for the individual bakery regardless if your bakery is a smaller bakery, medium size bakery or an industrial bakery. In addition, we offer support in the technological process of manufacturing bread or baking products if necessary.

Believe in prepping and complete lines of commercial and bakery equipment – think Glimek!

Our story

Glimek is the brand that has developed and manufactured high quality bakery machines since 1948. The philosophy since then has been to co-operate with the baker in order to deliver machines and complete make up lines according to the bakers’ specification. The flexibility of the equipment both regarding weights and types of dough is the main ingredient to the success. Our product range consists of mixing systems, make up lines and customized plants.

Glimek is a Swedish brand owned by Sveba Dahlen. Almost every Glimek bakery machine is manufactured at the plant in Fristad, Sweden and a smaller part of it at our plant in Viljandi, Estonia. We deliver our world famous dough handling equipment to all continents.

Since 2017, Glimek has been a member of the Middleby Bakery Group, a brand-driven global equipment manufacturer of innovative, industrial bakery solutions. The group strives to minimize the cost of ownership while providing an outstanding user experience. The Middleby Bakery Group is part of the Middleby Corporation, an American company, which is a world leader in three business segments: commercial cooking, industrial baking and processing, and residential appliances. The company is listed on NASDAQ.

We value

The Glimek brand is in everything we do. Our core values are the DNA of our brand, building the very foundation on which we stand. All together they become our character as well as expressing our aspirations in a variety of aspects.

We are Reliable – our customer loyalty is built on the trust we have created by delivering reliable equipment and having an open and supportive organization.

We breath Qualitative – producing reliable equipment with an outstanding low cost of use is, to us, expected. Our customers should expect well-made, dependable equipment delivering the best results at lowest cost of ownership.

We think User friendly – we would like to be perceived as modern, by founding our decisions or the needs of our customers. The interaction with us should be intuitive regardless of what part of our brand you interact with. To actively work with identifying and analyzing customer demands is very important to our organization.

We act Professional – High quality, reliability and know-how are the foundation of being professional. With humility and distinctness we build an organization aiming to guarantee unsurpassed quality in everything we do.

We are Proactive – we see our brand from a holistic point of view, where our organization shares a strategically, common goal. Every part of the company, each with a clear purpose, collectively contributes to create success. We are innovative by thinking of the complete customer journey: from marketing and first contact, via distributors, sales and service, to the experience of our products.

We aim to be Courageous – we shall be perceived as attentive and considerate in everything we do, being effective at calculating any risks ahead. We aim to be courageous but will not compromise on our core values; we are up front, if not first.

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